Author: Rick Tumlinson

A Walk on Mars

Scarlet midnight and silence. Ghostly shadows dancing on the red sands. Two tiny moons racing, cross the velvet black above. Two long shadows flow across the red below.   We stand together yet alone in skintight spaceships, The breath of life a recycled a roar in our ears. Slow rhythms punctuated by our awe, We sense and feel the silence.   As the rust coloured night surrounds We look upon a land untouched, And touch it. Like the virgin birth of a new world, Once seen forever borne.   Beneath a sky so clear, The stars so near, Brought...

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Apollo’s Children 

Apollo’s Children (To be read at Tranquility base) Rick Tumlinson July 20, 1989 Apollo’s Children  (To be read on Apollo’s 40th Anniversary and at Tranquility base) Upon Tranquility we shall stand, Apollo’s children, hand in hand And walk the calm and silent sands, where once our fathers stood. The greatest fruit’s of human minds, their words still wait for us to find They came in peace for all mankind, when none believed they could.   A shining plaque still gives their names, a flag still waves where once they came. The valor of those it still proclaims, who rode...

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Moments the Universe Changed

Dennis Tito’s Wild Ride There are several moments that are iconic snapshots in time of what those in the future will look back upon as the human evolution into space. Be they frozen images of triumphs past, such as the most expensive selfies ever shot by Buzz and Neil on the Moon during the Apollo Moon landing; reminders of danger and heroes – such as the terrible death trails across the sky left by Challenger and Columbia; previews of our future – such as the image of Space Ship One piercing the veil of space above Mojave, California; or...

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Shoot the Moon: Apollo’s inspirations

Forty-eight years ago, two astronauts took the most expensive selfies ever shot – on the Moon. Those now-famous pictures of two Americans posing with their flag on the lunar surface were the key deliverables of a program started by President John F. Kennedy only eight years before to prove the American democracy was superior to Soviet communism. Thus, when some see Apollo as a dead end, I do not. Those hundreds of thousands of people who bent their will and their minds to place a man on the Moon “before this decade is out” did exactly what they had...

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Why am I here?

  Why am I here? This question, of all questions, is the most important of all questions ever asked. It is the most important question we ever ask, that you ever ask, no matter who you are. And like all of the deeper questions of life, although it is central to your being, it is not one that actively consumes you, as it is usually buried by the thoughts and actions that make up our days and nights. Yet, it can be argued that those thoughts and actions we call life are themselves driven by a set of cultural...

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