Another Intelligence (AI)

Recently, Blake Lemoine, an engineer at Google, claimed that an AI program he was testing, called LaMDA, is sentient. His statement caused a firestorm, and

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How Much Space is in Space?

By Frank White (c) Copyright, Frank White, 2022, All Rights Reserved Summary This article argues that human technological civilization has exceeded the “carrying capacity” of

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Glen De Vries

We Lost an Astronaut Last Week: A Tribute to Glen De Vries

The space community is still processing the loss of one of our newest astronauts, Glen de Vries. I have to admit that I am still absorbing what has happened.
As fate would have it, I interviewed Glen at 8 am on Friday, November 12 for the next edition of my book. It was at 3 pm that same day that his plane crashed, killing him and one other person.

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