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Submission Guidelines: Any article or other written material
appearing on the 2211 site—unless specifically noted otherwise—are
expressions of the opinions of their authors. The editorial staff and
founders of do not imply their endorsement of the stated
opinions nor attest to the veracity of any of the facts or declarations
expressed in materials published on the site. respects and endorses co-publication of materials
appearing on the site—so long as any such co-publication does not
violate legal and other requirements of the co-publishing site.
Compliance is the express responsibility of the authors, and
accepts no responsibility for violations of the terms of publication
agreed to by the author with other sites and publications.

While accepting and encouraging the expression of ideas and opinions, does not support nor endorse the use of extreme
nationalistic, cultural, religious, or gender-based derogatory
statements or presentations by authors submitting to the site.

The editorial staff reserves the right to edit pieces for grammar,
clarity, length, and tone with final approval agreed to by the author.
Pieces will typically be reviewed within five business days. Author
approval of any edits or suggested changes must occur within five days
of contact by with the author regarding said changes or
edits. If agreement with suggested changes cannot be reached,
reserves the right to pass on the acceptance of the submission.
Submission does not guarantee publication.

For submissions or questions about these policies and guidelines, please email [email protected]

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