A Walk on Mars

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Scarlet midnight and silence.

Ghostly shadows dancing on the red sands.

Two tiny moons racing, cross the velvet black above.

Two long shadows flow across the red below.


We stand together yet alone in skintight spaceships,

The breath of life a recycled a roar in our ears.

Slow rhythms punctuated by our awe,

We sense and feel the silence.


As the rust coloured night surrounds

We look upon a land untouched,

And touch it.

Like the virgin birth of a new world,

Once seen forever borne.


Beneath a sky so clear,

The stars so near,

Brought down to us, or us brought up to them.

As we are out here now,

So strange a place to call a home.


Each step the first ever taken.

We walk across non-existent waters,

Flowing down a long dead riverbed,

A million years and on of silence.

The sounds of our souls echo here.


The pulse of life once throbbed through this place,

Before our own hearts knew their formulation.

We lifted our heads from ocean’s mud,

As it died on these bloody dunes.


Through our soles the sands can feel our breathing,

And Gaia’s ochre sister listens.

Having lost the breath of her own life,

For our breath to become her own.


How do I express the glory and the wonder?

How do I tell others of this in mere words?

I cannot. The expanse between us will not carry the sounds.

And none could understand were we to speak them.



Our eyes meet and then return to gazing.

We need say nothing more.

Silence and immensity.


No one has ever been here before.






We are the first.


Or are we?


Move closer.


Take my hand.


We are not alone.

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