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And lo I bathe in a universe of starlight
Spreading vast and infinite in all its power
A forever field of frequencies
Interrupted by moments of galactic glory
A billion trillion bright and tiny lights on the velvet night

A universe of questions unanswered
A question itself of unintelligible design
A calling to look upwards, outwards at its wonders
My scanning gaze sweeping the beckoning black
Jaw dropped and soul opened to the possible

Uncounted stars, uncounted worlds
The poet and astronomer made children
Seeking words to sing and signal their struggle to understand
What that is which fills the skies and
Who they are within its vast unending everness

Called upwards at the level of our chromasomes
Moons and stars drawing us towards our destinies
We climb for better vantage through the skies
To stand and float at the edge of all tomorrows
Yet still unsure our purpose in the scheme

There lies an answer to the question
To be had by simply shifting my gaze backwards
Turning head and mind toward the place from which I come
I trace the rounded bosom of the MotherWorld
And realize my provenance

Her gentle gaze upon me illuminates
Her glowing countenance fills my emptiness
Unique and perfect in all the universe’s many hues
She lives by Sol’s light, and feeds her children with perpetual dawns
The course of her nature unappreciated
Until by flying away I realize her love

A billion trillion other eyes or minds
Each worship the wombs of their creation
Yet there is but one in all the universe
Unique in all the galaxies and stars uncounted
Whose radiance creates my kind and kindred creatures

And lo I bathe in EarthLight
Holding wide my arms to absorb my Mother’s glory
Sustained by her life and energies I set forth
From this one so tiny yet overwhelming beauty
I call Home.

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