Tim Chrisman

Co-Founder / Executive Director at Foundation for the Future

Tim Chrisman is a former Army intelligence advisor, security officer, and most recently, a CIA officer supporting the national space council and the Joint Staff of the Office of the Secretary of Defense. He holds two master’s degrees – one in Intelligence Studies, and one in International Relations and Affairs from American University. Tim is the author of the book Humanity in Space and of various articles about the expanse of our civilization in space.
Tim’s next challenge and mission is to create the backbone of America’s next century in space. In 2020, Tim co-founded Foundation For The Future, a scientific education and public works advocacy foundation, dedicated to one goal: the creation of a space infrastructure administration. This will be a public-private partnership to create jobs in the new space economy, new opportunities for innovators, and ultimately space access for all

Space Port

Let’s Stop Pretending Space is Hard

By and large, the space community talks about space exploration and development as though it is science fiction come to life. As a society, we have formed this idea that space is far beyond our scope of existence. And in many senses it is. Riding rockets to the Moon used to happen only in Tom Swift novels, but so long as the space environment is seen as an impossibly distant and challenging place, the vast majority of humanity will feel as though it is not for them

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