Cometan is the founder and leader of Astronism, a new religious movement stylised as an organised philosophy whose lineage is part of a wider tradition of religions which Cometan has organised as the Astronic tradition that are claimed to have existed since the Stone Age in the form of astronomical religions. As part of his foundership of Astronism, Cometan solely authored the Omnidoxy, a 2 million word long treatise whose contents ranges from philosophical musings to writings on religion and its role in society to the future of humanity in space; an encyclopaedia, poetry, mythology, and other genres can all be found inside the Omnidoxy.

As a subsequence of his founding of Astronism, Cometan has founded several publishers, websites, and other companies who operate on an Astronist ethos, the most prominent of which is is the principal publisher of Astronist content worldwide and whose URL will take you to a newly launched online encyclopaedia for all things Astronism. Cometan’s establishment of Astronism stemmed from a love of writing and it was his fictional writings revolving around a teenage detective character named Jesse Millette and his ambition to create a philosophy by which that character would act that Astronism emerged from, overtook that character and transformed into a distinct entity in its own right. Cometan developed a fictional universe based on Astronist ideals called the Spacefaring World and it is in the context of this fictional universe that all Cometan’s fiction works are set, including his Jesse Millette mystery stories.

A philosopher at heart, Cometan advocates for the popularisation of dialogue regarding space and its wonders and is currently leading a revival in astronomical religion through his foundership of Astronism. It is one of Cometan’s core beliefs that space exploration requires the same religious zeal that lead to the expansion of humanity on the Earth and that only with that same type of deeper existential meaning and purpose beyond the economic and the financial benefits can humanity hope to successfully explore, civilise and undercover the mysteries of space.

“My faith is strongest when the night sky is clear.” – Cometan, the Omnidoxy

humanity in space

Why Space Exploration Needs to be a Religious Endeavor

Imagine you are aboard the ship of Christopher Columbus sailing across the Atlantic Ocean, fixed on reaching the shores of India, yet mystified by the discovery of a land you had never seen before. Imagine you are one of the architects of the Florence cathedral, your vision for one of Italy’s great houses of God being completed before your very eyes. Finally, imagine you are Galileo; you are facing the might of the Catholic Church for your claims of support for the scientific works of Copernicus and you would sacrifice your own freedom for the facts regarding our place in the universe to be revealed to the world.

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