Month: March 2018

The Law of Orbits

While the title references Kepler’s laws of planetary motion, this poem was written about stargazing with an Astronomer/ Stellar Astrobiologist who worked on exoplanet data from the Kepler program. It explores the romance of not just stargazing itself, but in finding our place in the universe. 

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The Obligation

In this excerpt from The Obligation, the book’s wisdom teacher, Congressman Harrison B. Grant, explains to the protagonist, John, Grant’s young aid, about the Evolutionary Impulse. It is evening and the two are sitting on a bench on the Washington Mall, between the Capitol building and the Washington Monument. John has gone through many trials leading up this moment, which takes place near the end of the novel. This excerpt begins where Cong. Grant is completing a diagram he’s carving in the dirt with a stick to illustrate the essence of The Obligation world view. He paused to make...

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