July 20, 1989

Apollo’s Children  (To be read on Apollo’s 50th Anniversary and at Tranquility base)

Upon Tranquility we shall stand, Apollo’s children, hand in hand, and walk the calm and silent sands, where once our parents stood.

The greatest fruit’s of human minds, their words still wait for us to find, they came in peace for all mankind, when none believed they could.

A shining plaque still gives their names, a flag still waves where once they came, the valor of those it still proclaims, who rode on flaming towers.

Each tiny step a giant leap, they blazed a path both hard and steep, their spirit is now for us to keep, and their dream shall give us power.

A million or more who’s sweat and toil, did forge the chariots from Terran soil, each one sending their spirit aloft, and each a part of the story.

Hope in their spirit, stars in their eyes, giving sweat and blood to crack the skies, that we all might stand on Luna’s peaks, and bathe ‘neath old Earth’s glory.

And here at last we shall relive the sight, as they climbed into eternal night. Now we know that they were right, as their fire lights our hearts.

Not for war nor greed, nor tired hate, in wonder they opened heaven’s gates. A gift of hope for a planet’s fate, so you and I could touch the stars.

Upon Tranquility we shall stand, Apollo’s children hand in hand,

Upon the calm and silent sands, where once our fathers stood.

And there we will pledge to carry the flame, giving life to places yet un-named,

So others might travel the way we came, and stand where We have stood.