Month: August 2018

What the Overview Effect Shows About Global Economic Ethics

What the Overview Effect Shows About Global Economic Ethics Rutherford Card. Johnson, PhD, FPRS Adapted from: Rutherford Card. Johnson. “The Psychology of the Overview Effect and Global Economic Ethics.” Psychology. Vol. 9. No. 7. July 2018.   From the Enron scandal to the moral atrophy that spurred on the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, the topic of ethics in the economy certainly seems to be at the forefront of the news in recent times. Ethical concerns in commerce, however, are nothing new. Medieval Church authorities, for example, spoke of the need for moral behaviour in the economy and placed...

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The power of art from space

When we think of space exploration, what comes to mind for many is science. Science and technology and making new discoveries. All of these things are vital. The findings we are making in space are helping us to answer some of the most extraordinary questions of all time, such as; Where did life come from? And are we alone? And What else is ‘out there’? The science being conducted from space is also significant for life on Earth, astronauts are conducting experiments on the space station which can bring real life benefits to areas such as medicine and material...

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A Walk on Mars

Scarlet midnight and silence. Ghostly shadows dancing on the red sands. Two tiny moons racing, cross the velvet black above. Two long shadows flow across the red below.   We stand together yet alone in skintight spaceships, The breath of life a recycled a roar in our ears. Slow rhythms punctuated by our awe, We sense and feel the silence.   As the rust coloured night surrounds We look upon a land untouched, And touch it. Like the virgin birth of a new world, Once seen forever borne.   Beneath a sky so clear, The stars so near, Brought...

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