Month: April 2018

The Need for a Planetary Engineering Ethic

We stand at an inflection point that is unique in human—indeed, in terrestrial—history. Humanity is on the verge of leaving the planet that has been our home for millions of years. Let’s not forget that it is not only humans who will soon be making this historic departure: it’s life itself, which has been confined to the Earth even longer than we have. So, it is not only us who will become a multiplanet species. As we spread out into the solar system and beyond, other species will surely accompany us as we leave a “multispecies planet” and start...

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We Are Already Space Settlers – Let’s Admit It

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans spend a paltry 1.68 hours per day outdoors. That means that the average American spends ninety-three percent of their time either indoors or in their cars cocooned in a climate controlled environment protected from the elements. Let’s face it; will life on a space colony really be that much different? Most terrestrial jobs are indoors, and most people commute by car. If it’s a nice day, maybe you have lunch outside for a half hour. Maybe you take a run in the park, but you are just as likely to be on...

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