Month: February 2018

Greater Earth – a New and Transformational Perception of our Planet

Since the beginning of human history the perception of its home planet Earth has always influenced the way humanity has formulated its beliefs and conducted its affairs. When Earth was perceived of as the entire universe it gave rise to myths and religions that permeate and influence society into the present time. Space exploration has provided humanity a perception of the “Whole Earth” – a blue sphere defined by its atmosphere floating in the vast expanses of the cosmos. This perception has catalyzed the globalization of its cultures and defines many of its present activities. Perhaps even more significantly,...

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Apollo’s Children 

Apollo’s Children (To be read at Tranquility base) Rick Tumlinson July 20, 1989 Apollo’s Children  (To be read on Apollo’s 40th Anniversary and at Tranquility base) Upon Tranquility we shall stand, Apollo’s children, hand in hand And walk the calm and silent sands, where once our fathers stood. The greatest fruit’s of human minds, their words still wait for us to find They came in peace for all mankind, when none believed they could.   A shining plaque still gives their names, a flag still waves where once they came. The valor of those it still proclaims, who rode...

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