Month: January 2018

Moments the Universe Changed

Dennis Tito’s Wild Ride There are several moments that are iconic snapshots in time of what those in the future will look back upon as the human evolution into space. Be they frozen images of triumphs past, such as the most expensive selfies ever shot by Buzz and Neil on the Moon during the Apollo Moon landing; reminders of danger and heroes – such as the terrible death trails across the sky left by Challenger and Columbia; previews of our future – such as the image of Space Ship One piercing the veil of space above Mojave, California; or...

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The Cosma Hypothesis and Human Purpose

We may be small on the grand scale of the universe, but from the standpoint of significance, I think in terms of “Here’s this planet that is placed at a specific distance from the sun that allows us to live as we do and created this environment that is a perfect place for us to survive. And it says to me that there is a reason why we are here, not that there is an insignificance to it.” —Shuttle and ISS Astronaut Nicole Stott, The Overview Effect: Space Exploration and Human Evolution This statement by former astronaut Nicole Stott...

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Overview Condition & Terranautical Turn: Towards a new narrative for humanity

Ever since I was a child and saw the so-called Earthrise photo for the first time I carry the overview feeling with me like a fruit that yearns further growth. During my studies at university, with shamans in Brazil – who have unique technologies to invoke the experience – and in my work as a writer and philosopher it has always been a central theme. Because of one book many pieces of the puzzle fell together. ‘We have ceased to play a finite game and are now playing an infinite game. This changes everything,’ writes Frank White in The...

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